Did you know that deaths due to cancers in the colon or rectum are the leading cause of cancer death in the United States? Did you also know, though, that there are ways to catch these cancers at an early, more treatable stage, or even before the cancer even fully develops?

Based on the report by the National Cancer Institute issued in 2018, only two-thirds of Americans eligible for colorectal cancer screening had that screening done. There are many reasons people may avoid getting the screening — fear of discomfort, embarrassment, squeamishness, or fear of finding out one has cancer…

Authored by Gabe Gaviola, MD, Medical Director at PWNHealth

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Six weeks after the first COVID vaccine received emergency use authorization from the FDA, the worst pandemic in 102 years continues. The challenge ahead is not one of creating a vaccine, but of logistics, building confidence, and supporting the rollout to 330 million Americans with reassurance and support. Effectively immunizing a critical mass has the potential to end the pandemic — if we do it right.

The development, approval, and initial mass manufacturing of the first COVID-19 vaccines was an incredible feat, compressing a process that normally takes 10 to 15…

Perspective from Courtney Sebold, CGC, a Genetic Counselor at PWNHealth

Courtney Sebold, CGC, is a Network Genetic Counselor at PWNHealth

Twenty years ago, I started my training to become a genetic counselor. I had long been intrigued by the fast-moving world of genetics, and I knew that there would always be something new to learn in my chosen career field. Reflecting on my two decades of experience, I am pleased to say that I was right! I have witnessed unbelievable technological advances and discoveries in the field of genetics. Moreover, the cost of genetic testing has dropped, and families can now access genetic testing and counseling services from the comfort…

Author, Heather Glessner, MS, CGC, Clinical Genetic Counselor at PWNHealth

I provided genetic counseling in a traditional clinical setting for more than ten years prior to joining PWNHealth. Patients would arrive at the clinic, check-in at the reception desk, hear their name called from the waiting room, and then be guided into a small conference room to await their appointment with me. I would walk in, donning my official-looking white coat, and introduce myself.

What transpired over the next few minutes was routine, medical small talk. I confirmed the person before me was indeed the patient I was expecting, verified by which provider they had been referred, and asked them…

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This year has been tough to say the least, but with promising reports of new vaccines, expanded testing, and a renewed focus on controlling the pandemic, we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. As we head into the new year, it’s important for us to reflect on all that has been accomplished under the tremendous circumstances of the past 12 months.


During the pandemic when access to care was exacerbated by practice closures, capacity restrictions, and attempts to limit physician exposure to COVID-19, there was never a more critical time for the healthcare industry…

Robin H. King, MS, CGC, Director, Genetic Operations and Programs at PWNHealth

When I began thinking about my career nearly 20 years ago, I had never heard of genetic counseling. Now, I try to be a champion for the profession as I can see the positive effects it has on a daily basis on patients across the country. Below, I highlight my discovery, and subsequent love, of the profession of genetic counseling and how impactful that work can be.

While I always thought genetics was a fascinating topic in school, when it became personal, it was a different story. …

PWNHealth Patient, Carol, and husband

As the clock struck midnight and we rang in the new year, the novel coronavirus was still a distant issue that was affecting other people in other countries, while we in New York remained untouched. Time passed though and the virus quickly seeped into our country, our communities, and our lives. News reports of COVID-19 fatalities, hospitalizations, and sickness were all around us. It was impossible not to be inundated with numbers — unemployment statistics, hospitalization rates, and even death tolls. While the numbers have changed and the outbreak has evolved, statistics on infections and deaths continue to be prominent…

Antibodies: A Piece of the COVID-19 Puzzle

COVID-19 has relentlessly ravaged cities throughout the world as public health and science experts scramble to gather knowledge to combat the virus and solve the mysteries of SARS-CoV-2. In its wake, the virus has left behind traces of its activity. One important piece of the puzzle is antibodies.

While it remains unknown if immunity occurs after infection, antibodies nonetheless seem to provide valuable information regarding the virus. The New York City Department of Health recently released the results of 1.5 million antibody tests, the highest number to date, accounting for nearly 15% of city residents.

The results potentially establish distribution…

Brace yourselves, this one could be a category 4.

There are currently two tropical storms approaching the Gulf Coast, an unprecedented weather phenomenon. While the immediate threat to Texas, Louisiana and other states is clear from satellite models, another menace to America silently looms. That is, coupling the coming flu season with simmering COVID-19 outbreaks. Indeed, experts have already called this coming season “a perfect storm.” It’s time to start worrying about the flu season in the context of SARS-CoV-2.

Each year, the influenza virus results in tens of thousands of emergency room visits and in-patient hospitalizations, as well as deaths. Despite a vaccine that millions take each year…

Will we ever get over the coronavirus without standardization?

Doctors learn about the dangers of “zebras” early in their medical training. The term refers to an uncommon disease, the sort that everyone knows about but rarely sees in practice. It’s critical for doctors to keep potential zebras in mind. After all, a specific set of symptoms may not be what they first appear to be.

However, the opposite lesson is also important to keep in mind. That is, that when all signs point to something, it almost always is exactly that. This is especially true when it comes to COVID-19.


At PWNHealth, our mission is to enable safe and easy access to diagnostic testing.

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